Wjcon – Quick Eyeliner in Prune

Hey guys,

I have tried and tests most of the product that I got from Wjcon and it is time for me review them. I was given a purple eyeliner with a purple eye-shadow that I reviewed here.


The eyeliner comes in a nice coloured packaging, which depends on the colour you choose. It has a thin and flexible tip which outlines the eye in a clear and defined way with lightness and precision. I imagine they called it quick eyeliner because you just open it and apply it immediately without having to dip the brush in the eyeliner.


I have to admit I personally find these type of eyeliners irritating. I don’t like the way they apply and the eyeliner tends to be less pigmented. I have tried a similar eyeliner of other brands and they are practically the same.

The only pron’s I give this product is that it is really waterproof and it dries fast. When I swatched it on my hand it took me a while to remove it, so it must be a good with regards to being waterproof.


I know some people love these type of eyeliner, so if you do , this is a great product for you for I prefer either liquid eyeliners with a brush , gels or cream eyeliner. They tend to be more pigmented and last longer.

If you are interested It is also available in 6 colours: CARBON BLACK , TOFFEE , PRUNEprune, PEACOCK, TEAL

Forgot to mention that they retail for only 4.90 euros which definitely a cheap price for such an eyeliner. So if you are into these type of eyeliner I would definitely try them out, but if you are an old school like me you should try some of their other eyeliners which are actually good from what I read. They have quite a various range of eyeliners so check them out, if you have the time, at Naxxar Road B’kara.

Do you like these type of eyeliners or not?



0 thoughts on “Wjcon – Quick Eyeliner in Prune

  1. I like this kind of eyeliner for a quick use and to bring with me in the purse, I don’t like waterproof products though and it’s true that these kind of eyeliners tend to fade away when it comes to color. But I think all summed up it’s a useful product for a cheap price to have =)

    • I think if you are looking for something to carry around with you and for a quick use this would be the best. But being that the colour tends to fade away, it really puts me off. I love a strong colour as an eyeliner. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. i have the one in teal or peacock, i’m not sure. what bugged me most that it is very long-lasting but every time i did a winged liner with it, it eventually got transferred, mirror image, under it…. i don’t know if it is just this colour and it’s quite strange… and as you know it is quite impossible to remove it so you cant just wipe it clean when you are out. i also don’t like the fact that i have light blue lines stained on my eyelids for the next two days…

    Just a tad disappointed but i do like it nonetheless :/

    great review 🙂

    from http://www.allthingslady.wordpress.com

    • Yeah it is very long lasting which can be a good thing or a bad thing as you mentioned. What irritated me the most is the application of the pen and the watery pigmentation of the liner. I like a strong colour on my eyelids so this definitely not my favorite but I am sure it is a great product for someone which like this type of application method.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. I prefer cream eyeliners to any other type and try to stay clear of waterproof products as I never seem to be able to fully remove them.

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