Yin & Yang – Make-up look

Hello guys,

It’s the Weekend 😀 and I am finally back with a new Make-up look. Unfortunately I had a cold this week, so I had no energy to write more post as I would have wished, but finally I am doing much better and can’t wait to talk about this make-up look. This has to be one my favorites so far, it is not  and easy make-up look, but with a little patience you might be able to do it yourselves too. I did this look about a month ago, but I was stuck as to what I should name this look. With a little help from my colleague we managed to come up with a great name, Yin and Yang.   It truly reminds me of the union of opposites, that of black and white, used mostly in this make-up look.





  1. First things first I start by using an eye-shadow primer, then I applied a white shimmery shadow under the brows and onto the mid crease/eyelid.
  2. Following the white, I applied a black eye-shadow onto the inner lid and blended it out onto the middle crease, creating like a pointed arrow on top the middle crease. (see photos)
  3. Further on I used the same black shadow onto the crease, while blending it with the white shadow I did a similar pointed arrow on top of the mid crease/lid.  Then I applied some white shadow between what I call the pointed arrows and blended it out with the rest.
  4. Finally a nice winged eyeliner, on top the upper lashes and even under the lower lashes. Of course the look wouldn’t be complete with a coat of black mascara.


  •  Two faced Eyeshadow Primer
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 – Blackout
  • Pupa Milano Vamp – Wet & Drayt eyeshadow in 403
  • Rimmel Exagerate Eyeliner
  • Rimmel Scandalous eyes Mascara


Cheeks & Lips


  1. For the cheeks I used a lot of bronzer, I find that when u do a very heavy eye look, you need to top it up with a lot of bronzer and blusher or else you will look very pale.
  2. As for the lips I used a tint of red lip gloss, more like stain than full out lip gloss.


  • E.l.f contouring blush and bronzer in Turks and Caicos
  • MAC Breezy
  • Make Up Store – Chloe Lip glossYY4


Well I hope you like this make-up look as much as I do. Feel free to comment down below and keep posted for more and show your support by following my blog trough e-mail or Facebook. 😀